Student Intern Program

Our Vision
The vision of Thrive's Student Intern Program is to help graduate counseling students on their journey to becoming competent licensed counselors. Here at Thrive, students will have opportunities to build experience working with PTSD, marriage and couples counseling, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other areas of need. We strive to tap into each student's fullest potential and nurture their growth. We believe each student accepted in our program will leave several steps further down the road to becoming a counselor, but will be more confident in their ability to provide ethical and effective therapy.
When should I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications to the Student Internship Program.The application process will reopen later this year for students able to begin in late summer 2018 or early fall 2018. 
PHASE 1  |  Practicum
The practical learning experience begins with our practicum program. Each practicum student is paired with an experienced therapist (e.g., LMFT, LMFT-A, LPC) to sit in on sessions and observe therapy in action. 

Each semester of the Student Intern Program is considered a probationary period. Acceptance into the practicum program does not guarantee placement in the internship program. Similarly, completing the internship program does not guarantee employment with Thrive as a provisionally licensed therapist or counselor. 

As a student, you may be unable to provide therapy services during semester breaks, as well as during the period between completing your master's degree and obtaining your provisional license.
PHASE 2  |  Internship
The second phase of the program is the internship. During their first internship semester, students will begin providing co-therapy with their partner therapist, acting as the lead therapist. By the end of the first semester, interns will gradually move to conducting therapy sessions on their own. For the final semester of the intership program, students continue to provide solo therapy. In keeping with Thrive's vision to assist students towards full licensure, those who successfully complete their practicum and internship may be invited to continue working at Thrive once they obtain their restricted license (e.g., LMFT-A, LPC-A, LCSW-A). 
Program Fees
The fee for each practicum or intern semester with Thrive is $100.

Practicum Students and Interns are not employees of Thrive and will not receive pay for the services they provide to clients.

How to Apply
If you are interested in completing either your practicum or internship with Thrive, you'll need to submit the following:

Application and supporting documents should be emailed to  

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