Pastoral Counseling Services

Thrive Pastoral Counseling Services is a program designed to provide biblically based counseling to members and staff of participating local churches and Christian non-profit organizations. 

Participating churches contract with us to provide significantly reduced rate therapy and counseling for their members and staff.   

Ron Webb | LMFT, MDIV

Ron is a retired US Army Chaplain ordained by the Evangelical Free Church of America, who has a passion to help struggling people come to a more loving and full life in Christ. As a pastor, he is experienced in marriage, premarital, family, and individual counseling, and is uniquely adept in leading dynamic retreats and seminars for couples and families. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Ron is trained in various modes of trauma therapy, including the use of EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) a highly effective treatment for trauma and PTSD.   

Ron’s military experience serves him well in a community like Fayetteville, as he relates to and understands the challenges of military life.

How It Works

Participating churches and nonprofit Christian organizations can contract with Thrive's Pastoral Counseling Services to provide biblical counseling for the church members or staff. Once a contract is established, members and staff of the churc or organization may be referred by their pastor for care for up to 12 sessions per person or couple. The Thrive Pastoral Counselor works directly with the pastor (or designated representative) of that church/organization to account for the services provided to a given referral, with a monthly account and balance updates. All counseling information remains strictly confidential, unless the referred client provides a written agreement for accountability with their pastor, church leadership, or designated representative.
Contract Packages
Contract Value





Number of Sessions
(60 minutes per)

(60 minutes per)

(60 minutes per)

(60 minutes per)

(60 minutes per)

Cost (One-Time Payment)
Cost (Monthly Payment)
(10 monthly payments)

(10 monthly payments)

(10 monthly payments)

(10 monthly payments)

(10 monthly payments)
Packages contracted are valid until all purchased services have been utilized.  
All contract balances are non-refundable. 

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